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About the of Use of Others' Material/s:

Where required I have obtained permission, paid for license, or have otherwise acquired the rights to use the material created by others on this website. Regarding Artists whose work is displayed graphically or musically, I have linked back to their websites or other contact information, according to their terms of use. Copyright information can be found on each page where applicable. In the case of material used that is of unknown origin, I wish to be notified if there is any information regarding a possible author so they may be contacted for acknowledgment, proof of authorship, and to obtain permission for use or discontinuation of use.

About the Music featured on this site:

Full-length songs by myself and other artists featured are copyrighted by the respective artists and their labels.
No financial compensation is being gained from the distribution of these files.
Under the 'fair use' provision of the Copyright Law of 1998 AND AOL's Terms Of Service Community Rule #5,
the song files are for EVALUATION purposes only and should be deleted from your hard drive within 24 hours.
Please support these artists by purchasing their CD's.
Whatever you do with these files once you have downloaded them is your own responsibility.

My CDs, which I have for sale, are copyrighted and I have included some of the material on this website for your listening enjoyment, and hopefully blessing. If you would like to have my music, I ask that you order a CD or cassette tape from me in order for me to be able to continue the ministry which I believe the Lord has called me to. The other recording artists would greatly appreciate it if you would help them in their ministry by ordering their music as well. Remember that for most of us struggling artists it is costly to produce our CDs and the sale of that music makes it possible for us to provide ministry in that area. All artists featured on this website have a sincere and genuine heart for reaching people with the message of Salvation, encouragement and hope

About The Bible Lessons:

My Bible Study reflects my own personal interpretation of the topics discussed, using the Word of God from the Holy Bible, along with various commentaries and Bible Helps publications. You must search the Scriptures for yourself and no matter what any person or persons may teach or say, including myself, it must always line up with the written Word of God. If it does not, then it must be regarded as merely individual opinion or interpretation.

About the Links:

Regarding the links I have placed on my site, I have made every effort to make sure that those links featured on the Links page will take you to family friendly, clean, or Christian websites. However I cannot guarantee that you will agree with or otherwise be pleased with every site you visit. You must use discernment when you visit any website. I do ask that if you find objectionable material on any website that I have linked to, that you notify me immediately and I will look into the matter and determine the course of action. I will always make every attempt to keep my website family friendly and maintain such content that would be pleasing to the Lord.

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In short, we respect your privacy!

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