Shirley Deason, Genelle Tennant

Shirley Deason and I sang together in the New Anointing Ministries too. She became a friend of our family along with her husband, JD. We've attended church together at times, and they've become a real help to us when we've needed prayer and support. Shirley has that true Southern Gospel quality in her voice and she's a natural harmony singer too, as well as a stand out soloist.

There's a cute story about our little Maltese dog and Shirley's singing. Now that I'm singing pretty much solo, Shirley and I don't practice much in my music room, but our little dog, Pauley, thinks that Shirley will show up when I turn the speakers on, and she lays in front of the door, waiting for her. She gets really disappointed and lets us know it when she doesn't come. See, even a Maltese knows good singing when she hears it!

Shirley was saved as a child, and was singing in churches at the age of six . She loves and has a natural voice for the Southern Gospel Style. Her vocals are strong and reminiscent of the early Gospel Quartet sounds. She can belt out a southern gospel song with the best of them. Her love for the Lord comes through with a smooth sound and anointing that comes from her heart.

She has a tender heart for what the Lord has done in her life. In school, Shirley won excellent ratings in singing contests, then went on to use her talent for the Lord. She's been singing with her family most of her life, and in 1993, Shirley, her brother, Jim Griggs, and sister, Opal, formed a "Brother and Sister" Gospel Singing group in the trio known as 'The Amazing Grace Trio.' For six years they sang throughout churches in Oklahoma with that sweet family harmony. In 1999, Shirley joined New Anointing Singers.